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East Greenwich $150 Million School
Bond Referendum

On Nov. 7, the Town of East Greenwich is seeking authorization to borrow an amount not to exceed $150,000,000 for financing the acquisition, construction, improvement, and renovation of public schools and facilities.

The Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) will pay up to 55%, or $82.5 million, of the total project cost.

Election Day Countdown:








Building the Future of EG Education

Important Voter Deadlines

Last Day to Register to Vote

  1. On-line at VOTE.RI.GOV (must be done by 11:59 PM)
  2. By mail (form available on Town website (Government/Town Clerk/Voter Registration & Elections)
  3. In person (form available at Town Clerk’s office, 125 Main Street.)
  4. Police Station SUNDAY OCTOBER 8TH 1 PM – 4 PM ONLY (forms available inside vestibule.)

Last Day to Apply For a Mail Ballot

  1. On-line at VOTE.RI.GOV (must be done by 11:59 PM)
  2. By mail (form available on Town website @ Government/Town Clerk/Voter Registration & Elections AND )
  3. In person (form available at Town Clerk’s office, 125 Main Street.)

Early Voter Period Begins

Starts at 4:00PM
  • Town Clerk’s Office, 125 Main Street, Second Floor
  • During normal business hours
  • Photo ID required

Election Day

  • One polling location at Swift Community Center, 121 Peirce Street for all
  • Open 7AM – 8PM
  • Photo ID required
Please call 886-8603 with questions.
East Greenwich Board of Canvassers

Through a one-time program supporting school building projects throughout the state, the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) will pay up to 55%, or $82.5 million, of the total project cost. For a $150 million investment, the total cost to the Town would be a maximum of $67.5 million. The qualifying period for the state investment program and 55% discount ends in 2024.

The EG School Building Master Plan will touch almost all aspects of education in our town.

The East Greenwich School Building Committee

The Master Plan will enable us to:

  Build and Renovate our Elementary Schools

Including a new school at Frenchtown and major additions and renovations to/or a new replacement building at Hanaford. These two state-of-the-art facilities, one on the west side and one on the east side of town, will include grades 1-5. Each location will feature smaller “houses” to carry forward the intimate learning environments of our current 4 elementary schools.

  Renovate the High School

Focusing on new spaces for Athletics (new locker rooms, coach & team rooms, training areas and wellness spaces), the Arts (a major upgrade of the Auditorium and new classrooms for Art and Music), Special Education Services (classroom and therapy spaces and a life skills suite), Career and Technical Education (new technology rooms) and significant building enhancements to Safety and Security.

  Create an Early Education Center for Pre-K and K

Through renovations at Meadowbrook, providing a facility that is designed around the specific needs of our youngest learners.

The Master Plan is vital for EG because 4 of our current 6 buildings are at the end of their effective life without major renovation or replacement:

  •  EG is one of only four school districts in the state with a growing student population. We have already outgrown our elementary schools: the current four buildings are at an average of 125% capacity, and we have had to use “portables,” or mobile classrooms, at three elementary locations.
  • Aging infrastructure in buildings between 50 and 100 years old is energy-inefficient and expensive to maintain.
  • The lack of adequate spaces for Special Education compromises our ability to serve all learners
Alyson Powell

Chair, EG School Committee, Co-Chair, School Building Committee |

Kevin Murphy

Member, EG School Committee, Co-Chair, School Building Committee|

Tim Munoz

Member, EG School Committee |

Brian Ricca

Superintendent, EG Public Schools |

Michael Podraza

Assistant Superintendent, EG Public Schools |

Robert Wilmarth

Director of Facilities, EG Public Schools |

Maggie Baker

Director of Finance, Operations & Administration, EG Public Schools |

Neil Marcaccio

Director of Student Services, EG Public Schools |

Mark Schwager

President, EG Town Council |

Renu Englehart

Member, EG Town Council |

Andy Nota

Town Manager |

Robert Siminski

Community Member |

Matthew Tsimikas

Community Member |

Beyond the students who will attend our schools, the EG community will also benefit significantly from the Master Plan, since town recreational programs and many community groups make regular and frequent use of our gyms, auditorium, fields and facilities during non-school hours.

If the Master Plan is approved, school construction and renovation would begin in Fall 2024 and be completed in 5 years, by 2028. All existing school buildings will stay open while work proceeds with minimal disruption to regular school operations.

The development of the Master Plan began in 2019 and represents a collaboration of town and school officials, architects, designers and planners and the greater EG community. 17 public events, from visioning sessions to building tours, as well as many School Committee and Town Council meetings, were essential steps to co-create a shared vision for the future of education in EG.

Through election day, Building Committee members and elected officials will be conducting extensive outreach to engage with the community, answer questions, and provide detailed information on the Master Plan, its transformational impact for the schools and its carefully managed financial impact on every household.

New Build Replacement for the Frenchtown Elementary School Additions

Renovations or a New Build Replacement for the Hanaford Elementary School

Renovations and Improvements to the Meadowbrook Elementary School

Additions and Renovations to the East Greenwich
High School

“Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.”


Neil Postman

Through a one time State of Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) program, the state would pay 55% (up to $90 million) of the total project cost.

Through a one time State of Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) program, the state would pay 55% (up to $90 million) of the total project cost.

After decades of deferred investment at the elementary and high school levels, our school districts’ needs will be met for the next several decades. It is important to note that 4 out of 6 public school buildings are in poor or below average condition. In fact, the estimated costs in maintenance and repairs alone is $22 million.

Early learning success is critical for educational outcomes

Overcrowding is most acute in our elementary schools and negatively impacts teaching and learning. And it is proven that strong foundations in both cognitive and non-cognitive skills boost long-term achievement and growth. 

Fostering a greater sense of student belonging

In the past, short-term decisions were made based on geography. Today, there is an opportunity for Grade Realignment, ending mid-elementary transitions. This will enable us to to improve outcomes as well as enhance curriculum and standards, where concepts and skills build off each other.

Creating a more equitable educational environment districtwide for 3rd thru 5th grades should result in better preparation and transition to Middle School. Learning environments will now be in alignment with the long term strategic plan.

Meaningful improvements to EGHS.

Mirroring the best of Cole’s design and in alignment with EGPS’ Vision of the Graduate, student-centered learning environments will be created, facilitating interdisciplinary learning, and reorganizing key building areas and spaces to respond to student needs.